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  • Are Your Bilge Pumps Installed To Minimize Problems?
    Are Your Bilge Pumps Installed To Minimize Problems?

    2017-03-30 15:29:50

    The first step on the path to bilge pump nirvana is making sure your boat's bilge is clean and free of trash and debris. Routine bilge cleaning is a fact of life for older boats, but even that new boat you're purchasing can have a bilge littered with pump-clogging bits of construction material — wood shavings, bits of fiberglass, and gobs of epoxy. Oily bilge residue should also be cleaned up and disposed of properly. In addition to the ecological concerns of accidentally pumping it overboard, oil combines with dirt to form a gooey sludge that can clog pumps and prevent float switches from operating properly. In addition, some newer bilge pumps are designed not to pump automatically if they sense oil in the water, so keep those bilges clean! See more STARFLO pump details from

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  • Xiamen Starflo Trade and Industry Co., Ltd has opened the Alibaba.
    Xiamen Starflo Trade and Industry Co., Ltd has opened the Alibaba.

    2017-03-07 16:24:44

    Xiamen Starflo Trade and Industry Co., Ltd has opened the Alibaba, ( all of you can place the order for diaphragm water pump, high pressure water pump, marine & RV pump, bilge pump, drinking bottled water dispenser and other accessories through Alibaba directly. Durning March, Alibaba have the discount and free inspection. If the total amount to be more than $1000.0, there will have 3% discount, up to $200.0 If total amount to be  and above will enjoy on that order a one-time free inspection service provided by Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Service Co., Ltd. If have any orders, pls contact with us freely. And we will suggest you to order by Alibaba Platform.

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  • Spring Macerator Pump Maintenance
    Spring Macerator Pump Maintenance

    2017-03-30 15:30:39

    The snow has melted, and spring has finally arrived. For most, this is a great opportunity to get outside and tackle all the yard work and spring cleaning projects they have been putting off all winter. Spring is also a great time to check on one of the most important, but most forgotten about appliances in your home. I’m talking about your macerator pump. With the melting snow and spring showers, macerator pumps are heavily relied upon in the spring months to keep homes dry. This makes spring an ideal time to perform maintenance on your sump pump, as well as evaluate your sump pump needs and consider upgrading or adding a battery backup to your current system. Some basic maintenance tips to include cleaning the pump inlet screen, making sure the power cord is plugged in, and testing the pump by dumping a bucket of water in the sump pit to raise the float and turn on the pump. These are very simple, and should ideally be done every couple of months to ensure the sump pump is working properly. A few more intensive maintenance items that should be done once a year include removing the sump pump from the pit and giving it a thorough cleaning and inspection, cleaning out the sump pit of any debris, and greasing the pump bearings if required. These simple maintenance tips should help keep your sump pump running smoothly all year-round, and should keep you basement dry as well.

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  • Working Principle of Magnetive Drive Circulation Pump
    Working Principle of Magnetive Drive Circulation Pump

    2017-03-30 15:31:05

    Different components of magnetic drive pump (or mag drive pump) play different roles to make it work; here is how the pump operates: The impeller is a round and a rotating device enclosed in a compartment within the pump. This compartment is powered by none other than the magnetic field which is generated by the individual magnets surrounded by the pump, i.e. the drive magnets and driven magnets. It is the impeller’s circular motion that brings the fluid inside the pump’s housing. The impeller’s rotation produces centrifugal force and thus fluid is sucked inside the pump’s housing which is basically the container. There is an inlet connection through which fluid enters the impeller. Creating and sustaining energy as well as a continuous movement in the fluid is what the magnetic drive pump is meant for. During the time when the impeller is in rotational motion, the fluid in it is trapped in the impeller’s vanes. As the impeller keeps on rotating, pressure generates within the impeller, and the fluid is then directed outside the vanes and towards the discharge end. With the uninterrupted increase in internal pressure, fluid at last leaves the pump by means of the discharge end. This pressure potential basically works as the prime force behind fluid flow.

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