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  • magnetic water pump

    MP-55R magnetic drive water pump

    Widely used food grade magnetic industrial pump Starflo magnetic drive circulation pump is a full-sealeed pump, for motor connecting shaft and impeller are separately equipped with magnetic materials, they attract each other and coupled. It's unnecessary to fit with traditional shaft seal. The rotation of motor drives impeller to rotate through the attraction between driving magnet and driven magnet. Our magnetic drive circulation pump is generally designed for no shaft seal, completely avoids defects of pollution after corrosion caused by liquid leakage,which exists in traditional mechanical shaftscal pump. It is the optimum liquid transport pump on the industrial equipments. Features Leak free, seal-less construction.   Simple, modular construction for eas of maintenance. Non-metallic chemically inert materials offer excellent resistance to corrosive fluids.  TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION FOR THE PUMP More information for the magnetic pump, pls contact with us! Read More +
  • solar water pump

    SF1280-30 12V 12LPM Stainless Steel Submersible Solar Water Pump

    STARFLO New Design Submersible Solar Water Pump Read More +
  • FLO-2202 12VDC 3.8L/MIN 35PSI micro diaphragm pump water pump 12v
  • STARFLO FL-55 12V DC 55PSI 20LPM high flow diaphragm water pump 12v diaphragm water pump
    FL-55 12V DC 20LPM 55PSI high flow water pump STARFLO FL-55 electric water pump is perfect for caravans, boats, motorbikes, trucks,camping and agricultural industry liquid transportation. It is ok to use it with fresh or salt water or other chemical liquid. And wash or to run your toilet or shower.These pumps your deck automatically turn themselves on and off when you turn the tap on and off. The diaphragm water pump Comes with filter and fittings.These pumps are for intermittent use only. APPLICATION PUMP  Body of diaphragm pump Glass Filled Nylon Check valve EPDM & VITION all are available, five chamber pump Diaphragm TPV( Stantoprene) Ports 3/4" Female Thread, 1/2"barbed fitting Included Connector 1pc 3/4” Male Thread, 1pc 1/2” hose barb, 1pc 1/2” hose barb filter Voltage 12/24V DC Voltage are all available Amp draw Max.15.a(amp) for 12v, Max.8.a(amp) for 24v Pump design 5 Chamber Diaphragm Motor Type Permanent magnet type Self priming 3m vertical lift Max Pressure 55PSI Duty cycle working intermittent Liquid Clean water, sea water & light corrovisity chemical liquids Liquid temperature  60°C FEATURES 1.Excellent Self-priming high to 10 feet. 2.Max.pressure: 55psi with intermittent working duty cycle. 3.Pump Max. flow rate: 20L/min. 4. Self priming diaphragm water pump. TECHNICAL DATA Model Voltage Flow Rate Pressure Amps N.W/G.W SIZE FL-55 12V 20LPM 55PSI 16A 3.4/3.5KGS 240*135*138MM FL-55B 24V 20LPM 55PSI 8.0A 3.4/3.5KGS 240*135*138MM FL-200 12V 10LPM 200PSI 15A 3.4/3.5KGS 240*135*138MM FL-200B 24V 10LPM 200PSI 8.0A 3.4/3.5KGS 240*135*138MM Sample is very welcome to have a test, and inquiry, pls feel freely to send email to us !
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