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  • magnetic water pump

    MP-55R magnetic drive water pump

    Widely used food grade magnetic industrial pump Starflo magnetic drive circulation pump is a full-sealeed pump, for motor connecting shaft and impeller are separately equipped with magnetic materials, they attract each other and coupled. It's unnecessary to fit with traditional shaft seal. The rotation of motor drives impeller to rotate through the attraction between driving magnet and driven magnet. Our magnetic drive circulation pump is generally designed for no shaft seal, completely avoids defects of pollution after corrosion caused by liquid leakage,which exists in traditional mechanical shaftscal pump. It is the optimum liquid transport pump on the industrial equipments. Features Leak free, seal-less construction.   Simple, modular construction for eas of maintenance. Non-metallic chemically inert materials offer excellent resistance to corrosive fluids.  TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION FOR THE PUMP More information for the magnetic pump, pls contact with us! Read More +
  • solar water pump

    SF1280-30 12V 12LPM Stainless Steel Submersible Solar Water Pump

    STARFLO New Design Submersible Solar Water Pump Read More +
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  • Thanks for Mr Eric come to visit our office on 29th, July
    Thanks for Mr Eric come to visit our office on 29th, July

    2017-07-30 15:48:39

    talk about the water pumps order details. It is a great breakthrough for STARFLO office. Trust the new design will make your local customers satisfied !  Until today, we have exported diaphragm water pumps, bilge pumps, drinking bottled water dispenser,  solar water pumps, DEF pumps , magnetic pumps to USA, Turkey, Europe, Kenya, Zambia , Australia, UK, Brazil  and other countries, and get good feedback from our customers, and we will still provide good quality and best service to each of our customers.

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  • 12V 20LPM 70PSI marine washdown kit / deck wash pumps
    12V 20LPM 70PSI marine washdown kit / deck wash pumps

    2017-08-29 16:56:48

    STARFLO®'s product line of washdown pumps,that make boat cleanup time a less stressful activity with the 70 PSI Trac Washdown Pump. This quiet device offers smooth operation and flow and can run dry without damage. The self-priming water pump is suited for cleaning leisure boats, fish boxes, anchor chains and dinghies. It is designed so that the ignition is protected for installation inside a motor compartment and with a motor shell that reduces water intrusion. This device may be used both for fresh and salt water. Actually the boat deck wash kit is the ideal for general washdown requirements and a great choice for blasting bait stations clear of debris, this pump boasts 4.0gpm capacity, sealed switch, and a corrosion-resistant, waterproof design—so you can mount it in exposed locations, close to where the action is! Additional features include vibration-absorbing rubber feet, dry-running ability, and thermal overload protection that shuts the pump off if it overheats. marine deck wash pumps efficiency is boosted by the five-chamber design that produces up to 70psi-the punch you need to get tough washdown jobs done! Below the specification for high pressure washdown pump:

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  • Solar Water Pumping: Using Solar to Power your Well Pump
    Solar Water Pumping: Using Solar to Power your Well Pump

    2017-04-19 09:42:21

    Can I use the sun to power a pump? @STARFLO PUMP WILL PROVIDE YOU THE BEST ANSWER FOR IT. Any renewable energy source can make the electricity you need to power appliances, including pumps.  Solar electric cells convert sunlight into DC electricity that can be routed directly to DC appliances, or can be stored in batteries for use when the sun is not shining, or can be inverted into AC electricity to power AC appliances. Solar well pumping generally refers to the use of sunlight to power pumps, while the sun is shining.   These are simple systems that do not incorporate batteries for storing electricity.  In essence, the water tank or cistern acts as storage.  If you can pump water fast enough and your cistern is big enough, then you do not need to pump during the night or during cloudy days. Batteries are generally not necessary in remote water pumping situations, as long as your system is sized properly and you have enough water flow from the water source. Is solar water pumping economically feasible? The reliability and economy of solar electric power make it an excellent choice for powering remote water pumping.  Cattle ranchers all over the world are enthusiastic solar pump users.  Their water sources are often spread over many miles of rangeland where utility power is not accessible and where refueling and maintenance costs are high for generator use. If your water source is more than 1/3 mile from utility power, solar is a favorable economic choice.  This fact is substantiated by a number of rural electric cooperatives across the U.S.  These co-ops actively promote use of solar pumps because the cost to extend new power lines is prohibitive. Where do solar pumping systems work? Solar panels should be located in a sunny spot where no shading occurs.  Altitude is not a factor, but height off the ground will affect whether or not you are able to keep them clear of snow. Panels should be angled optimally for solar gain, particularly during the shorter winter days.  If your site is in the northern hemisphere you should point your panels to true south.  The reverse is true for places in the southern hemisphere.  For many locations there is quite a difference between magnetic south and true south, so you should consult a declination map before setting your mounting structure. The solar panels should be tiled up from horizontal to get a better angle at the sun and to help shed rain and snow.  For best year round power output, with the least amount of maintenance, you should face the solar panel(s) true south at a tilt angle equal to your latitude with respect to the horizontal position. If you are able to adjust the solar panel seasonally, a good rule of thumb is: Latitude minus 15 degrees in the summer Latitude in the spring/fall Latitude plus 15 degrees in the winter

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  • Solar Pumps To Enable Revolutionary Approach For All Individuals
    Solar Pumps To Enable Revolutionary Approach For All Individuals

    2017-04-19 09:40:19

    The consistent taking off of the cost of power pushes individuals to search for approaches to lessen electric receipts. In the event that you imagine that the main way you can drop down your energy bills is by ceasing from utilizing AC equipment, musical frameworks, and other real apparatuses, reconsider. Sunlight based power is certainly the cleanest wellspring of vitality. There is no blazing of coals or other relic powers and at the time it doesn’t create nursery gasses. In this way, it truly doesn’t have any unkind impact on nature. There is positively no restriction to sun oriented power. There is all that could possibly be needed to go round for everybody; there could never be a period when sun powered vitality would be depleted. Actually, the measure of sun oriented vitality achieving the terrain every moment is more than the vitality expended yearly by the whole planet. The wide usage of solar pump can be seen in most part of the world as most of the individuals are nowadays considering to use these pump ranges to accomplish their varied purposes. The best thing with a solar pump system is that you can get water when you require without even making environment hazardous or to put lots of load on to your pocket in terms of maintenance and as well as others. Government is also subsidizing in this segment and helping individuals to install a solar pump at their venue and to contribute towards making environment hazards free.

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