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  • How to Size a Solar Water Pumping
    How to Size a Solar Water Pumping

    2017-02-09 14:43:27

    SIZING A SOLAR WATER PUMPING SYSTEM In this blog post we’re going to show you how to size and determine the various basic components that make up a submersible solar water pumping system: Solar powered submersible pump that goes in your well Holding tank or cistern to store a reserve of water Solar panel array to power the pump Linear current booster that optimizes the power from the solar panels to the pump Booster pump to increase the pressure of the water to usable household levels (if your cistern isn’t high enough) This blog posting will covering solar pumping systems where you are drawing water from a well and not where the source of the water is a pond, lake, river etc. When determining what pump(s) to get, you need to evaluate your pumping needs.  How much water a day do you need, how many days of storage, how high and far does it need to be pumped, and what is the source?   Seventy five Gallons per day (GPD) per person is common for domestic use. Your local weather patterns will help determine the amount of storage; do you have long stretches without sun, or is it only an occasional cloudy day?

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  • The 22nd China (Shanghai) International Boat Show
    The 22nd China (Shanghai) International Boat Show

    2017-02-02 16:14:09

    STARFLO PUMP WILL ATTEND 2017 China (Shanghai) International Boat Show The 22nd China (Shanghai) International Boat Show(CIBS 2017) April 26th-29th,2017 Venue: Shanghai New Int'l Expo Centre (new location!) Organizers: China Boat Industry & Trade Association Shanghai UBM Sinoexpo International Exhibition Co., Ltd. A warm welcome to you to the China (Shanghai) International Boat Show (CIBS 2017)! WHAT IS THE CIBS ? Inaugurated in 1996, CIBS is the most comprehensive and longest established boat & yacht exhibition in China, which covers the whole boating industry chain. As the ideal regional platform to feature boating products, equipment, technologies and services, CIBS also aims to popularize a maritime lifestyle and yachting culture amongst a rising upper and middle class in China. CIBS is the only Chinese member of IFBSO, recognized globally in its field. CIBS is also audited by BPA Worldwide and has been awarded with a trade show certificate by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Meanwhile, CIBS is the only boat show in China hosting overseas national pavilions initiated by their governmental organizations and associations. CIBS is also co-located with the 2017 Shanghai International Workboat Show, the Expo Life Style 2017 and Shanghai International Expo Leisure 2017  to showcase a complete offering of the leisure, recreation and luxury industries. WHY OUR FACTORY ATTEND THE CIBS ? As one of the biggest water pump factories, most of the diaphragm water pumps, macerator pumps,Gear oil pumps and Impeller pumps are used in Marine, RV and Yatch. We trust this boat show will provide us more chances  meet more customers and can discuss the water pumps  with them face to face. Let us look forward to meeting at Shanghai New Int'l Expo Centre (new location!) on April 26th-29th,2017 !

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    2017-01-19 10:32:45

    2017 Chinese New Year Holiday is coming soon, We are going to have holiday from 21th , Jan. to  second,Feb. During the Chinese New Year Holiday, all our workers will stop working, also the delivery company will stop shipping all the products. So for the orders that you placed , if can not ship before holiday, all will be arranged after we come back to work. During holiday, our shop will still open 24h for you. Any interests, send us your inquiry or if have any questions about water pumps, pls email or call us , and we will response to you immediately ! We wish you all the joy of the Chinese new year and a year of happiness!

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    2017-01-19 10:31:14

    The most common types of bilge pumps (and the primary focus of this article) are centrifugal and diaphragm electrical pumps. Centrifugal pumps move water by kinetic energy using a rotating, solid impeller, similar in design to a turbine. Water enters the pump, picks up speed as the impeller rotates, and is then forced out by its own momentum. Centrifugal pumps are submersible but not self-priming, meaning they must be sitting in water in order to pump it. Centrifugal pumps are relatively inexpensive and can move a lot of water. Other advantages include low maintenance, excellent reliability, and the ability to pass small amounts of debris without clogging. They can also run dry for extended periods without damage, although this does wear the bearing and will cause it to fail eventually. Disadvantages include their inability to self-prime and their loss of effectiveness the farther they have to push water vertically. A diaphragm pump acts like a little wet-vac to suck out bilge water. Water is pulled in through an intake valve, then pushed out through an output valve. Diaphragm pumps are self-priming (meaning they develop suction and prime themselves when dry), can be run dry without damage, and are better able to push water uphill than centrifugal pumps. As to downsides, they can't move as much water as a comparable centrifugal pump and most can't tolerate even small bits of trash or debris, which can lodge in the pump's valves, causing leaks or failure. Nothing beats the simplicity and pumping power of a centrifugal pump. However, diaphragm pumps can be a better choice where water has to be pumped more than a few feet uphill, and they can be installed in a drier, more convenient place than the bottom of the bilge. Adding a filter before the pump to remove debris reduces the risk of failure.

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