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  • flojet bottled water dispenser

    STARFLO BW1000A 115V AC 5 gallon coffee bottled water dispensing pump system

    5 Gallon Drinking Water Hand Pump Bottled Water Dispenser For Hone Ice Maker/Coffee Maker Read More +
  • 2017 STARFLO 3000GPH Marine Bilge Pump For Boat

    STARFLO 3000GPH Marine Bilge Pump For Boat

    STARFLO 3000GPH Marine Bilge Pump For Boat STARFLO Non-automatic bilge pumps offer traditional operation activated by a float or panel switch.  Removal of the motor cartridge allows for easy cleaning of the strainer and impeller in the event that the pump becomes clogged with debris.  Electric Submersible Pumps are by far the most popular type of electric Bilge Pumps, submersibles give very high outputs, and cost effective,  have low amp draw and are easy to install. They are designed to fit in the lowest part of the bilge and only require discharge pipe work and  electricity supply. Also can be used in other applications like transfer river water, work together with solar panel or battery.  Dimensions Model Flow Rate Volts Current Head Wire Lead Outlet Diameter N.W / G.W SFBP3000-12 3000GPH 12V 14.0A 8M 1M 40MM/1"-1/2" 2.1KG/2.37KG SFBP3000-24 3000GPH 24V 7.0A 8M 1M 40MM/1"-1/2" 2.1KG/2.37KG FEATURES Bilge pump is popular use for marine,boat,RV,camper,industrial, etc. Heavy duty motors with stainless steel shafts and tough thermoplastic bodies. Totally submersible and ignition protected. To all existing safety standards. Water cooled motors for long life, with anti airlock design and moisture tight seals. Snap-lock strainer base for easy installation and removal, and silent vibration free running Includes comprehensive user manual with installation instructions Welcome for inquiry ! Read More +
  • FL-35S 12VDC 20LPM 70PSI WASHDOWN PUMP boat washdown pump
  • FL-35S 12VDC 20LPM 70PSI Boat Washdown Kit saltwater washdown pump
    12V DC  Marine Washdown Pump / Deck Wash Pump PUMP Type 5 Chamber positive displacement diaphragm pump, self priming, capable of being run dry Control Type Pressure switch Max Recommended Temperature 60° C(140° F) Priming Capabilities 6 feet (1.8 m) suction lift Re-start Pressure Shut-off Pressure 70 PSI :56 PSI ±5 PSI(±0.3 bar) Inlet/Outlet Ports 1/2"-14 MNPT Weight 8.2 lbs (3.7 kg) MOTOR Leads 14 AWG, 13" (33cm) long with 2-Pin connector/Leads Duty Cycle Intermittent Max.Amp Draw 20A TECHNICAL DATA Model Voltage Flow Rate Max Pressure Max Amps Package N.W/G.W FL-35S 12V 20LPM 70PSI 20.0A 30*26*25.5 3.9/4.3 FULL SYSTEM INCLUDING 1pc 12v pump 1pc Coli hose—Suits 12mm (1/2") diam. hose 1pc Quick connect adapter 1pc Inlet filter/strainer 1pc Trigger nozzle—Open pressure 55 PSI (3.8          bar) 1pc Instruction manual 2pcs Straight barbed fittings 2pcs Brass fittings DIMENSION DRAWING Features for Complete washdown pump kit with spray nozzle and coiled hose Powerful 5-chamber positive displacement diaphragm pump, for smooth and quiet flow Self-priming 12V pump with automatic pressure switch control - automatically turns on and off as you turn nozzle on and off 18.9 Litres per minute (5 GPM) capacity flow, and high 70 PSI pressure Professional grade pump - Ideal for cleaning boats, fish boxes, anchor wells, dinghies and caravans Multi-step corrosion protection and seamless motor body for enhanced protection  Rubber mounting feet for corrosion protection and noise reduction Santorprene diaphragm - Can run dry without damage Thermal overload and ignition protection Easy connecting system Suits liquid with weak acid/alkaline,weed sprayers & salt water Designed for intermittent use only. Duty cycle: 30 mins Sample order is very welcome to have a test, if need more technical specification, pls send email to us !
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  • FL-35S 12v dc 70psi Boat Deck Marine Washdown Pumps best washdown pump for boat

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