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  • How a Magnetic Drive Pump Works
    How a Magnetic Drive Pump Works

    2017-03-30 15:28:08

    A magnetic drive pump is a pump that is powered through the use of the science of magnetism rather than electricity from an outside source. Magnetic drive pumps are energy efficient and require no seals or lubricants for operation. Magnetic drive pumps circulate a variety of fluids including acids, water and oils. Because there is no mechanical seal on a magnetic drive pump, the chance of hazardous chemical leaks or the pump overheating due to an obstruction is eliminated. The general characteristics of a magnetic drive pump include a rotating impeller located in an enclosed housing powered by a rotating magnetic field produced by individual magnets. The rotation of the impeller produces a force that drives liquid through and outside of the pump's housing. The main purpose of the pump is to maintain energy and motion in a fluid. This helps keep water or other liquids from going stagnant in a pond or tank. In a magnetic drive pump, the impeller and motor have magnets attached to them. Permanent magnets are attached to the pump's drive assembly. The drive magnet, the magnet responsible for driving the inner rotor, is attached on a second shaft operated by the motor. When the motor turns on, it spins its magnet. The magnetic force from the motor's magnet causes the magnet on the impeller to spin and rotate the impeller. A magnetic drive pump is a centrifugal pump, meaning that the liquid pumped through the system exits at a different point than where it's sucked into the pump. When liquid enters the pump, it is thrown off the impeller and into a discharge chamber. The rotation of the impeller causes the liquid to increase in energy, increasing the amount of pressure in which the liquid discharges from the pump. This increase in pressure is what keeps the fluid moving. See more STARFLO PUMP through

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  • Why Your Self-Priming Pump Can Not Prime ?
    Why Your Self-Priming Pump Can Not Prime ?

    2017-03-30 15:28:37

    Below, our @STARFLO  engineer gives us some reasons, hope can help you when you meet in the future. 1.AIR LEAK IN SUCTION LINE 2. DEBRIS IN THE IMPELLER 3. PUMP IS AIR BOUND If there is no air release line, air cannot be vented to the atmosphere, and instead collects on the discharge side. Valve on the air release line is closed, and the valve on the discharge line is closed, again, giving no place for the air to go and get out of the pump. If there is excessive clearance between the impeller and the wear plate, the pump has a difficult time creating a low pressure area. This is typically caused by wear, but could also be due to improper reassembly. During the priming process, as discussed above, fluid is recirculated through the volute casing. If the recirculation port becomes plugged, the eye of the impeller is unable to create an area of low pressure in which to pull liquid up the suction line. If you’ve undersized the pump for the suction line, it will not be able to create the low pressure area it needs to prime. It’s important to understand the suction lift requirements before selecting a pump for the application. Hope above can solve the problem you met .

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  • Don’t Buy a 12v RV Water Pump Until You Read This
    Don’t Buy a 12v RV Water Pump Until You Read This

    2017-03-30 15:29:03

    Water is the essence of life on earth — and also of life on the road. Unless you’re planning on packing case after case of expensive bottled water, this means you’ll need a water pump in your RV when you set off on your next trek. Thankfully, most RVs come with their own built-in pump. If, for whatever reason, you’re looking to buy a new water pump, the most common type of pump you’ll see, no matter the brand, is the 12V RV water pump. A quick note: before buying a new water pump, be sure that your old one is, in fact, beyond fixing. Trying troubleshooting using this helpful guide to water pump repairs. While there are water pumps powered through sources other than electricity, including solar and fossil fuel-powered pumps, electric ones are far more common and generally easier to maintain, specifically while traveling. 12V water pump RV models are the standard operating motors for RV use. These are not to be confused with a 110V water pump or 120V RV water pump, as these models are generally made for other purposes. They don’t pump water with the same pressure as larger ones made for installation in residential homes, but so long as they’re in working order, they get the job done and then some. See more water pump through

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  • Solar Water Pumping To Consume The Solar Energy And To Become Environment Friendly
    Solar Water Pumping To Consume The Solar Energy And To Become Environment Friendly

    2017-03-30 15:29:28

    Sun powered pumps can give an incredible contrasting option to customary pumps. For remote areas, where water is required, a sunlight based controlled water pump might be the perfect arrangement. For the property holder, with a water highlight in their patio, sun controlled pumps might be a more conservative approach. These pumps accompany different plans alongside vitality preservation module which additionally help the vast majority of the people to get fitting water supply to fulfill their consistently needs. These pumps are furthermore sufficiently adequate for those regions which don’t have any sort of power source to drive water and to fulfill their different necessities. Notwithstanding, the utilization of solar water pumping is a most ideal approach to get adequate water with less weights on pocket. Sun based power organizations are typically the ones that offer solar pump and its different models in expansive exhibit. These pumps have ended up being valuable throughout the times of its reality. There are likewise a few trademarks to fulfill the necessities of clients as they can choose any of these pumps in view of their outline, control utilization alongside different fundamentals. One thing is for certain that these pumps needn’t bother with any substantial hardware or whatever other confounded wiring. A little sun oriented board, combined with a battery stockpiling gadget is sufficient to get water streaming for long traverse of time.

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