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Short holiday for Chinese Mid-autumn Day


All STARFLO staffs wish all our customers and friends happy Mid Autumn Festivals Day.

The Mid Autumn Festival, which is one of the most important traditional festivals in China, falls on August 15th of the lunar calendar every year. ( 24th , September) Not only is it popular in China, but it is also celebrated in many other Asian countries. People believe that the moon is the symbol of reunion , luck and fortune, and it is a custom to express best wishes to the beloved ones at this particular time, on that day, people usually go back home to have family reunion, enjoying a large meal with their family. They will also eat moon cakes which are round cakes with meat , nuts and other things inside.

Notice : We will have short holiday from 22th-24th, September for this festival.

ALL inquiry will be dealt with durning holiday, and all the orders can be ship after holiday. 

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