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12V 20LPM 70PSI marine washdown kit / deck wash pumps


STARFLO®'s product line of washdown pumps,that make boat cleanup time a less stressful activity with the 70 PSI Trac Washdown Pump. This quiet device offers smooth operation and flow and can run dry without damage. The self-priming water pump is suited for cleaning leisure boats, fish boxes, anchor chains and dinghies. It is designed so that the ignition is protected for installation inside a motor compartment and with a motor shell that reduces water intrusion. This device may be used both for fresh and salt water.

Actually the boat deck wash kit is the ideal for general washdown requirements and a great choice for blasting bait stations clear of debris, this pump boasts 4.0gpm capacity, sealed switch, and a corrosion-resistant, waterproof design—so you can mount it in exposed locations, close to where the action is! Additional features include vibration-absorbing rubber feet, dry-running ability, and thermal overload protection that shuts the pump off if it overheats.

marine deck wash pumps efficiency is boosted by the five-chamber design that produces up to 70psi-the punch you need to get tough washdown jobs done!

Below the specification for high pressure washdown pump:

  • Self-priming pump
  • 12V water pump with 5.3 GPM and five-chamber diaphragm with a sealed, pressure switch control
  • Vibration-dampening polymer isolating mounting base
  • Seamless motor shell reduces the chance of water intrusion
  • Ignition protected for installation inside a motor compartment
  • Ideal for cleaning leisure boats, fish boxes, anchor chains and dinghies
  • Suitable for fresh and salt water
  • Includes easy quick-connect filter and fitting
Notice: The whole set including washdown pump, gun, and hose.

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